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Junior Book Club


One of the areas Rotary International focuses on is literacy. In 2020 and 2021, our Club sponsored 12 Little Free Libraries located in the Windsor and Severance. This means we built, placed and manage these strategically placed little libraries in our community to give easy and free access to children’s books and encourage children to read. The libraries are not limited to just children’s books, but it is our vision and mission to focus primarily on the young readers in our community. It is also a way for people to share books they have already enjoyed and a place to borrow a book they think looks interesting.  

Little Free Libraries are located near a bus stop, a school, a corner or a park to help with visibility and to encourage participation. It is our hope to provide great accessibility and convenience for all to enjoy! 

Please enjoy the pictures and take note of the locations of the Little Free Libraries we have “planted” for our community.  We hope you will visit one soon! 


We do ask that donated books are appropriate for the community and in good physical condition. The libraries have limited space, so please try to leave room for books for younger children.  Providing some books for moms and dads is certainly appreciated as well. We know that parents who read to their children provide a good role model and help develop great reading habits for life.

Each of the Little Free Libraries was handmade by volunteers in the community and each has its own style and personality. We are grateful for those who have taken the time and shared their talents to help make this project a reality. Windsor Rotarian, Dr. Ron Clark, was the driving force and inspiration for the Little Free Library project.  We are forever thankful for his vision and passion for children’s literacy.
Some of the other literacy programs Rotary has focused on include: 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten, Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library program, and providing dictionaries for 3rd graders. The Rotary Club of Windsor knows that access to books means a brighter future for our children. Do you recall those commercials that started back in 1966 that talked about Reading is Fundamental? We believe it and our club is supporting this critical building block for children.
If you have a location that could benefit from a Little Free Library or would like to provide feedback to the Rotary Club of Windsor, there is a QR code on every library or use the form below. 

Windsor Little Library on Watervalley Parkway
Windsor Little Library Boardwalk Park
Little Library in Eagle Lake Park, Windsor

SW corner of Watervalley Parkway

and Cobble Drive in Windsor

201 Birch St., Windsor

(near Boardwalk Park parking lot)

Eagle Lake Park in

Water Valley South, Windsor

Little Library on Oak Street in Windsor
Little Library in Main Park, Windsor

625 Oak Street

(corner of Oak and 7th) Windsor

226 Elm Street, Windsor

Across from Main Park pickleball courts

Little Library on Amber Drive, Windsor

300 Amber Drive, Windsor

(Cornerstone Drive and Garden)

Little Library on Cherry Blossom Drive, Windsor
Little Library on Bison Ridge Drive in Windsor
Little Library at Skyview Elementary, Windsor

8191 Cherry Blossom Drive


Bison Ridge Drive and Bison Crossing Drive


Skiyview Elementary School


Little Library in Karen Suman Park, Severance
Photo of a little library

Karen Suman Park


Overlook Park

Little Library in Severance Town Hall

Severance Town Hall

Provide an address for 
a new Little Free Library

A Windsor Rotarian will contact you

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